"You are the only performer I could think of who could do this successfully and make it actually sound and look realistic."

Dragged, Yanked, and Tormented by an Unseen Monster


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3 July 2012

She had no idea what was lurking just inside her own closet… like a nightmare or monster in waiting. Who was it? What was it? It was an ordinary day, she was just going about cleaning her home. And then she noticed the oversized, mysterious, open box standing in the closet doorway. She had to inspect it, just attempted to pick it up to move it out of the way.

And then IT grabbed her. Something out of the dark, something mischievous, something never seen.

She screamed and screamed, cried out with all her might, struggled endlessly, kicked and wiggled, flipped and grabbed, and tried to clamor to save her own life. Nothing worked. It was hopeless. And now, she hasn’t been seen since…

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