"You take me to places physics don't allow and by bridging the gap between reality and fantasy, give my wife pointers on role play she is beginning to employ in our sex life. Thanks so much for taking this fetish in your stride."

Persuading You to Break Your Vow and Masturbate with Me


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28 February 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh, that can’t be right. Did I hear that correctly? You actually haven’t masturbated in ages?? It’s been THAT long? You’re keeping a vow you made, promising not to masturbate for one full month? Who are you kidding?! That’s insane!

You can’t do that. That’s crazy. Oh, I’ll just have to persuade you to break that agreement. It’s not healthy, you know, to store it up that long. Just touch yourself… it feels so good… don’t you fantasize about women and SEX every day? Aren’t you just DYING to get off??

You can touch it now… I won’t tell. In fact, I won’t even look. What if I touch myself? Will you come with me? You wouldn’t let me do it all alone, would you? That would just be sad and mean. No, you’re going to come now… with ME.