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My Revisit Will Leave You Wet


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1 February 2012

Look at you… still lying here in the hospital like a complete invalid. They have you all bound up in a full body cast with only your poor hands and feet to move freely! Aw… what would you do without my visits to keep you going in your time of need?

What would you do without my smile to brighten your day? But wait… is that a diaper they have on you? How did they do that when you’re in a cast?! Is that absolutely necessary? Well, what happened? Oh!! They’ve been keeping diapers on you since you wet yourself the last time I visited you?? Well, that’s hilarious! And so humiliating.

Wow. Is it true that if you can keep your diaper dry just one more day, just THIS day, that they’re going to send you home again soon? What happens if you did wet your big ol’ diaper?? hee hee hee

Well, to be honest, you shouldn’t have told me that. You know how much I love to tickle you.. .your little bare feet look so vulnerable like this! I really just can’t help myself…