"You have helped me explore areas that excite me and i have tried them with my partner."

Now, Tell Me Who’s Really in Control


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5 June 2020


When she walks in to apply for the administrative assistant position, you’re instantly confronted with just how great life is as a successful, wealthy businessman with the power to give this beautiful little thing a chance for all her dreams to come true… as your personal secretary.  It’s easy to grant her her biggest wish.

How innocent, ignorant, submissive, and so very willing she is.  You’re going to have a LOT of fun with her.  Heck, you can almost get off just by looking at her…

And when she starts her first day on the job and she’s SO grateful, her breasts bouncing, her cleavage heaving, her sexy legs dancing all over, you think you’re the smartest man on the planet and YOU are the one getting the best “end of the stick.”  When your cock is helplessly rock hard, and you just can’t help but reveal you have manly needs that need to be taken care of, you find your new secretary more than willing… but not the way you guessed.

Her personality has grown stronger, more dominant, more sexy and self-assured.  She’s taking charge, dictating your place in this new work relationship, and you finally realize she was in control all along.  And will be.  Forever.

This is only your first orgasm at the office by the hands of your new secretary… it’s bound to be your greatest yet.  And lucky you: you get to choose the first “surprise” outcome of her first day on the job.

Will she dominate you with sweet, tender humiliation and full on, hands-on control of your cock or will she force you to revert into the submissive, begging baby you know you really are?  How do you choose?  Both options are so sweet, and those tits you’re faced with DO beg to be suckled and milked dry… Thank God it’s Monday!