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Mommy Makes a Special Visit to the Nursery


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8 March 2016

Hello, baby, my darling boy… did mommy wake you? Did she? Did she?? Oh, look at that brilliant smile, just for mommy. You are such a beautiful boy… so perfect. Mommy made you, didn’t she? Yes, she did. And you’re growing up so big and strong.

You make mommy so happy… are you hungry, baby? For mommy’s milk? Not yet? Do YOU have some milk for mommy? I bet you do… yes, my baby boy does…. look how big your pee pee is growing. So big and strong… you came out of mommy’s pussy, didn’t you? Yes, you did… and one day, you’re going to go back in. Yes, you are…

Have some milk for mommy? Do you? Does my sweet boy?? Is your pee pee gonna go cummsies for mommy? Yes, it is… yes it is! GOOD BOY…

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