"No one is even close to you in terms of performance or dedication. It's not just that, when I saw your videos, your whole demeanor and personality hooked me right away."

Let Me Comfort You


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4 April 2019

I’m just a bit cold… can I crawl into your bed?  I’ll just slip out of my velvety robe, tuck my toes next to yours, nuzzle my head next to yours.

Mmmm, you’re so warm, sweetie.  Mommy’s darling little boy.  You warm me up so well.  Let me wrap my leg around you… hmmm… what is that my thigh is bumping into?

Something soft down there… should I explore it with my hand?  Let me get a closer look… oh, my, it fell right into mommy’s mouth!  Does it need to be warmed?  Do you want mommy to make it feel all better, baby?  How about that… and this… and… I want to treat you to something REALLY special, my darling.  I want to make love to you.

Let me just roll on top of you, slip my panties off, and just… ahhhhh.  Just relax, honey.  Mommy’s making love to you.  Yes, yes, yes!  My perfect little boy.  My… ooooaaaaahhhhh!  Mommy loves you so, so much…

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