"I've watched a lot of performers, but none of them compare to you!"

She Asks for It


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5 April 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Who’s the dirty one? You or Mom? Ah, but this is YOUR fantasy. It’s just another day at home, when that hot older woman who raised and cared for you walks into the room to go about her business. She hasn’t even dressed for the day yet, still in her silk robe and high heel bedroom slippers as she picks up your dirty laundry, dusts, and vacuums around you. From the moment she walks in, your eyes are glued on her.

Your mind wanders to wondering what’s beneath her robe as you catch the slightest alluring glimpses. She doesn’t know the effect she has on you. Or does she? In your fantasy that your mind transitions to, Mom is is unwrapping her robe, allowing it to fall around her bare shoulders, removing her bra, and hopping onto your cock… seducing you as you’ve always imagined.

In reality, she’s still cleaning house and asking you to move your feet out of the way in your dazed state. Back and forth your mind drifts. Mom’s cleaning or acting all innocent, asking for you to step in and help… or even catches you actually trying to get off on her silk negligee left hanging in her bedroom. All the while you’re imagining her in one position to the next, talking dirty to you, moaning for you, until you finally snap, fantasy and reality mingling, as you bend her over to take her in REAL LIFE.