“That was about the hottest thing I have EVER seen! I’m really considering buying it again! HAHA! Seriously, that was PERFECT!”

"That was about the hottest thing I have EVER seen! I'm really considering buying it again! HAHA! Seriously, that was PERFECT!"

Your Sneaky Psychologist Neighbor Exploits Your Phobia


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19 November 2010

As soon as your new neighbor walks through the door, you’re completely intimidated. You feel that all-too-familiar sense of being overwhelmed, your own body no longer in your own control, all your senses overtaking you and all at once. You’ve been stricken with venustraphobia you’re entire life: the fear of beautiful women.

The sight of a sexy female form, luscious round tits, enticing cleavage, shapely long legs, a tight little ass, a soft sexy voice… it all does HORRIBLE things to you. Your body temperature rises, you feel flustered and disoriented, you start to shake, to grimace, your sweat glands are in overdrive, you stutter or are rendered completely silent, your vision blurs… leaving just those two enormous love pillows in a hazy glow before your face… There’s nothing you can do.

Once your innate reaction is triggered, your body takes over. As long as the stimulus is present, your condition grows worse and worse and worse until you’re in full on panic attack mode. You might actually faint right where you stand. Now, your hot neighbor is in your home, seating herself on your couch, invited herself right in before you could utter a word.

She’s sitting in THAT way, crossing her legs provocatively, leaning over the couch in just such a conspicuous manner, bending forward until you think her voluptuous breasts might actually graze your own cheeks. Her every movement is making your condition grow much, much worse. You’re finding it hard to breathe, and she’s beginning to notice something’s not right, that you don’t appear quite normal.

She has no idea what she’s doing to you…. or DOES she??