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Making You Come in Less than a Minute and Berating You for your Premature Ejaculation


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17 June 2010

You poor thing… you have a hard on already! Is it because I’m working in the kitchen in high heels and a string bikini? Or wearing this delicate little apron tied around my bare waist?

I don’t mind if you want to jerk your dick right here and now… go ahead and do it for me! Just make sure you last this time. I mean it! I should be able to show off my bikini clad body before you, talk dirty, and mention how eager I am to give you a blowjob with these sexy lips without you coming prematurely.

Don’t you dare come too quickly!! If you do, I’m going to put you right in your place, be extremely upset, and explain yet again why a man needs to be able to last!