"It wasn't difficult to become ensnared with your seductive and highly imaginative clips. I'm always eager to see what you come up with next."

I Recognize Your Fetish, and I Know What It Really Means…


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15 May 2013

You are a hot date… I’m definitely eager to learn what you have in mind now that you’ve brought me back to your place.  Are you… staring at my feet?  Oh, these adorable, sexy bare feet adorned by stilettos?  hee hee hee  Do you want to look at them more closely?  Oh, you like me dangling them before you, don’t you.  Aw, admit to your foot fetish!

When you finally confess… when I’ve got you ready to suck on my toes… I point out that guys who like to suck on toes also like to suck… DICK.  Oh, yes!  I know!  Aren’t ready to admit it?  Let me take a look at your computer then… oh, what a staggering quantity of gay porn you have!!  Is this… boys sucking dick??  Butt sex??!  Oh, you are a little bitch, aren’t you!

I’m going to humiliate you, tease you, show off just want you can’t have (my body!), and make your dick grow hard while you watch me AND this hot gay porn.  I’m going to come, while you’re working away on your dildo, and then… well, we know what you REALLY want to do… we know your cum belongs in your own ass.  You’re going to breed yourself!