“Your delivery leaves your competitors’ content in the dust.”

"Your delivery leaves your competitors' content in the dust."

Luring My Boss in for a Much Deserved Spank ‘n’ Cum Session


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15 February 2012

Have you ever been spanked until you spunk? Well, there’s a first time for everything! I’m your secretary who knows how to get what she wants. That’s right. I know all the methods involved in succeeding in every which way I wish.

I’ve been working out… did you not notice my toned arms and legs? Even while you’ve been so captivated lately by my short business skirt and pantyhose covered legs? That’s exactly how I’m going to lure you closer to me, and just as you’re close enough (and I throw in a few pointed remarks about the size of your cock to stroke your masculine ego), I’ve got you right where I want you!

You’re gonna be taken DOWN, boss man! Right over my knee with your vulnerable and bared throbbing cock locked between my strong thighs! Oh, that feels good, doesn’t it? Think you could come just like this, especially with each jolt and movement of your body against my legs as I spank you over and over?

Remember that if you come on my pantyhose… I have all the evidence I need to blackmail you. I know you like your pleasure with a bit of pain… and you didn’t know I could talk this directly and dirty to you either, did you! You’ll be a pitiful pile on the floor by the time I’m done with you!