"You have a great voice, a gorgeous face, a phenomenal body, but most importantly it's obvious you enjoy what you do."

You’re Going to Be Your Boss’s Bitch


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28 June 2018

Come in… have a seat… and don’t look so surprised to see me waiting to interview you.  I know I’m beautiful, busty, and have the longest, silkiest legs you’ve ever seen.  I may be your new boss, after all.

Think I don’t notice you’re staring at my legs and feet?  …as if I hadn’t purposely planned to dangle these high heels right under your nose… to drop one, leaving my perfect foot exposed in full… and better to rub your own leg with…  Oh, you naive little applicant.

Did you not know what you were in for when you stepped into this office full of attractive, dominating women?  I’m the leader of the pack; I’ll decide if you earn the position of my assistant or not.  Oh, yes, I have you by the balls now… LITERALLY.  Right between innocent-seeming questions, I’ve actually placed my hand around your package.

Stand up; I want to see it now.  Be still; be quiet.  I’m going to unzip your pants and see if you’re worth hiring.  In fact, I’ll need the other girls’ approval as well.  Just let me take a few photos… pose if you like.

Now, get down on your knees, and come lick what’s under my skirt while I rub your dick with my pantyhosed foot.  No, no, no… my toes squeezing your balls will ensure that you don’t come before I do.  Depending on how well you do your “job,” I’ll then tell you if the position is yours…