"I just wanted to let you know that you are simply the BEST at what you do. It's like you've read my mind and are delivering EXACTLY the kind of fantasy I was wishing for."

Luring Away Your Holiday Funds with My Spellbinding Breasts


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18 December 2010

Well, hello again! I see you just had to pass through my clips store on the way out to the door… were you intending to do some holiday shopping for your wife today? You’re so sweet. So… what are you doing here? Of course, you can’t resist my video store; you love to be teased by my perfect breasts.

Do you really need all that money for your holiday shopping? Wouldn’t you love to enjoy my beautiful breasts again? I know you want to come on them… and I’ll let you. In fact, I’ll encourage you to do just that as I provocatively place them right in your face, remove my top, then my bra, and jiggle and bounce and…. you’re going to be filled with so much holiday cheer!

You know you’re addicted to my tits and spellbinding cleavage. That’s why you’re here! You want them in your own hands, and you’ll pay and return and pay some more for the privilege of enjoying them, won’t you? I see your dick growing harder by the second… I know just what you need…