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Seeking the Surrender of Your Sensitive Information for My Holiday Happiness


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6 December 2018

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is right around the corner now. The holidays are upon us and… well, last year, I lured away your holiday funds using the power of my breasts alone. Don’t worry. I have no attention of nabbing that money before your dear family can enjoy the holidays.

However… my all-natural breasts are especially captivating at the moment, don’t you think? Entrancing, in fact. They’re more beautiful and eye-catching than ever, deserving of every donation or gift in the Christmas spirit you might feel called to make. Look closer… you can almost smell my soft skin… just where all that natural perfume is exuded from that tight, hot space between my breasts.

I know why you’re watching me now. I know why you’re glued to this video. You can’t help yourself. So just let your loins be filled with the fever of the season. Yes! I’m luring you again… into surrendering all that sensitive information so that I can tap into your funds myself. Your brain is turning to mush with each of my words and gestures. This closeup view is practically killing you.

You owe it to your family to save yourself… and you know I deserve to have a GREAT holiday season. Keep watching… you’ll be coating these breasts in your milky white Christmas cream!