"The truth is you are a surprisingly good actress. You take all of your roles seriously, no matter how absurd they may seem."

Tara’s Bedtime Stories: Dreaming of Dirty Mind Control Deeds


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17 May 2013

It’s time to settle in for a bedtime story… not just any old story… this one is told by Tara.  Lie back, relax, and see where my voice takes you… let’s delve into your fantasies and make them all come true for you.  My stories will change your view of bedtime stories; they’ll turn us both on.

Have you dreamed about exercising mind control powers over helpless women?  Of being naughty right in church?  Of taking advantage of the darkest desires deep within a conservative mind?  Let’s see where your mind takes you… the trouble you get into… the fantasy we’ll share.  Imagine you’re a naughty, clever young boy sitting bored right in the middle of church service… how could this mid-sermon moment get REALLY exciting?  I’ll take you there… where your cock is used in all its favorite ways…