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English Teacher Gets Turned on by Student’s Story


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29 April 2009

I’m almost finished grading papers. My high school senior students keep me so busy. Teaching English is just a dream though… my students are so bright and clever. I’ve really been enjoying their short fiction stories.

Oh, here’s another one written by one of my favorite students. He’s very bright… and kinda cute too actually. Sometimes, even a bit of a flirt. I’ll read some of his story out loud… ummm… oh, my! He’s written about me!

And how attracted to me he is…. OH, MY! He wants to do WHAT to me??!? Oh…. this is making me horny.

Oh, is that what you have in mind for me, little boy? Is that what you’d do if you had your hot teacher all to yourself? Would you bend me over my desk? Would you reach into my blouse and play with my big, bouncy tits?

… I’m going to come so hard… and so many times!