“Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they’re so fucking hot.”

"Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they're so fucking hot."

Taking My Show on the Road


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5 April 2013

This is my proudest moment yet.  For the first time in a very long time, I’ve ventured with my camera outdoors, taking my prized virtual video experiences out to the very streets, to create the most realistic sexual adventures yet.  The newest edition of my Overdeveloped Stepson series, the most sought-after taboo series in clips history, features two scenes filmed in public places for maximum heart-racing excitement, threat of exposure, and the feeling of ultimate naughtiness.  “Handling the Demands of My Overdeveloped StepSon’s Needs on Family Movie Night” is brand new today and shattering your preconceptions of just how hot I can make the taboo MILF genre.  Oh, how the demands of your giant cock are growing more and more risky for the both of us!

I love being outdoors, even a bit of exhibitionism.  Some say my very first scene filmed outdoors, “Doin’ It on the Balcony in My Bikini,” is their favorite video of mine or it’s one that drew them to me like a moth to a flame, making them addicted to my videos and personality ever since.  There’s something about that video, maybe a little bit more than just my cheeky naughtiness.

Everything I film is as genuine as possible, so your experience – our experience together – is as real as possible.  I never film on a set, in a studio, or in a cold rented location or sterile hotel room where you’d be distracted with the “anti-realism” of being jarred into thinking of my performance as merely a temporary act I whipped out of my pocket to quickly film and get over with in a rented space.  I want you to feel like we’re in our home together or over at your date’s house or in a public place with all the accompanying sounds to make it feel oh-so real.  I don’t want to jar you out of the moment; I want you living in the moment with me.  And this time, when I got the idea for my innocent, unknowingly teasing, hapless, devoted stepmom character to be sitting in the movie theater when she suddenly finds her stepson’s hard cock instead of the popcorn when she reaches over… well, yes, that’s a scenario you don’t want to miss when humor meets seriously sexy… I just had to take my camera to the movie theater and make sure you get to enjoy such a terribly appealing storyline.  And voila!  This new scene was born.

Talk about sneaky… tricky… fully exposed.  Every bit of that reality is captured in video for you to experience with me firsthand.  Of course, every overdeveloped stepson series video has two intense sex scenes.  So, where could your erection “pop up” unexpectedly after I’ve already satiated you in the middle of watching a movie??  …during the car ride back home, of course, and right there with your father, my husband, in the driver’s seat to witness my having to take care of you.  You’re right there in the car with me, watching the cars go by on either side, totally in view of passersby and totally publicly nude.  Oh, how lascivious, dirty, and while your dad is watching…

Oh, the series keeps getting better with every new episode.  And I can’t wait to hear how my risky maneuvering, my own public indecency translates to your most erotic experience yet.  Oh, yes.  We’re challenging the very definition of “erotic clips” and the standards for erotic video itself.  We’re going completely cinematic in scope and feel.

Don’t worry.  I’ll keep handling the details and technicality.  You just click, enjoy, and keep adding new erotic memories to your sexual exploration.