“Most porn feels sterile and boring but your videos seem to take a more personal approach that drives me crazy in the best way. I'll definitely be buying a few of your videos.”

You Love It When I Gently Coax You


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9 May 2017

As IF you don’t know how to make yourself FEEL amazing… how to stroke your cock… how to edge yourself… how to make your cock head bulge and pulse… how to get yourself so close to orgasm that nothing else matters in the world.  But I know you LOVE when I tell you how to do it.

Oh, and I’m going to… AND you’re going to eat your cum for me.

FIRST, you’re doing to edge your way to CRAVING it.  THEN, you’re gonna sample your delicious pre-cum. And THEN… you’re going to swallow an entire handful.

And you’re going to feel AMAZING.

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