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Suck that Stiletto!


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25 October 2016

On your knees… and you’re going to defile one of your wife’s sexy, stiletto-heeled, open-toe shoes.  YES, YOU ARE.

You’re going to do it now.  You’re going to do it for me.  You’ve probably done it BEFORE…  You’re so FILTHY.

I want you to lick that shoe, heel to toe… you’re going to lick it CLEAN.  You’re going to suck the heel until it’s bone-dry.  You’re going to fuck it… and you’re going to smell your scent in it.

You’re going to jerk and fuck yourself to dripping… and beyond.  You’re going to come so much that you fill that shoe, and then you’re going to EAT IT.  Savor it.  Slurp it.  ‘Til it’s all gone…

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