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Isn’t It Hot to Think about Tasting Another Boy’s Cum… for Me?


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2 May 2019

Mmmmm… I love nothing more than watching your cock in action… especially when it’s for me!  Well, I DO love the idea of MORE cocks: the more the merrier!  Do you ever think of that?

Oh, I love watching how you handle your equipment… grasping your cock with such skill and strength… manipulating that big hunk of man meat in every way you know how… and you know what’s coming… YOU are!  Oh, I can’t wait to see you spurt your sweet seed all over… and taste it with your fingertips.  You are so HOT to watch!

Isn’t it fantastic how we share our fantasies together?  We have no secrets, you and I.  What do you think of when you’re stroking your cock for me?  What do you fantasize about?  Are you getting hungry for the taste of your own cum?  Do you love me watching you eat it up after I’ve made you spurt all over?  I feel your orgasm growing closer right now… your cock’s getting harder… do you know what I’m thinking about?  Having your cock – and more – at my disposal right now!  It makes me wet!

Oh, how I love to taste and handle different cocks… do you?  Do you ever wonder what that’s like?  Ever think about what another boy’s cum might taste like while you’re licking yours off your own fingers?  Oh, THAT is the hottest thing in the world!  I love that I can share with you how much you turn me on and how incredibly sexy and masculine your own hot notions are!

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