"I can't believe I hadn't heard of you earlier, but better late than never! Of all the incredible things I've seen on the internet, nothing compares to your POV videos. OMG to the Nth!"

Do You Like It Rough?


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27 September 2018

You’re James Bond… but of course.  Every man wants to be you; every woman wants to be WITH you.  And the world’s most formidable assassin has a surprise confrontation planned for you.  Yes, “Tara Onatopp” herself is waiting for you in your very room.  When she makes her powerful presence known, you get an instant erection.

Oh, Bond, your body’s already betraying you.  Ms. Onatopp in the most seductive dark red lipstick, an attitude that makes every man lust after her, a tight cat suit you have no idea how she got her hot curves into, and leather gloves that further impress upon you the danger that you’re now in comes at you with all the primal power you may be most susceptible to.  She has fire in her eyes, a blush to her massive tits, a wicked smile on her luscious mouth, and uncanny strength that you just can’t stand up to.

You’re weak at the knees, your cock growing impossibly hard, and she’s coming at you with a rough and tumble plan to exploit your weakness, her shapely, capable body, and just how easy it is to dominate you, hush you, scissorhold you between her strong thighs, and make you crave her gloved hand pressing over your mouth.  Oh, THIS is the way an agent of your reputation deserves to go…