“Your videos are the best on the net.”

"Your videos are the best on the net."

I Love Manipulating You to Eat Your Own Cum


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15 September 2014

I really do love watching you sip at your own cum. Whether you’re guzzling it down like a good boy, slurping it up from your dripping lips, or spraying it straight into your mouth from your dick, I get such a thrill knowing that I can manipulate into eating your own every single time. And you know I’m going to persuade you to do it right now. For me. Right here.

I want to watch you jerk it for me… you and your desperate cock… while you stare at me, just eager for my every instruction and wanting me so badly. You know you’re never going to get to fuck me… I only humiliate you, goad you, urge you on, and watch you do everything I dictate, pathetic slave of mine that you are. You practically have no choice… you’ve given up your free will ages ago. You’ve turned over your orgasms to me… and you’ve committed to a lifetime of sipping at your own steamy semen.

See this glass of chilled water? You’re going to cum straight in it, watch your cum congeal into stringy strands swimming in the glass, and when your balls are completely drained, I’m going to feed it all right back to you and you’re going to drink it all down for me. ALL of it… my filthy slave!