"There's no one else I want to go to with my fantasies."

Taking Over the Men of the World with My Entrancing Seduction Powers


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8 November 2011

Oh, yes. I’m on the air now. In your own living room. Broadcast worldwide. I have something to say… to all of you men out there. Now, my seductive powers and entrancing breasts and legs will be known globally for their ability to render every man and boy completely helpless and bending to my will. Are you watching? Of course you are! You can’t help it.

You have no control when I’m on the screen. You hand over your heart and cock as soon as you set eyes on me. You’re melting at the sound of my voice and my fingers dancing over my breasts. You’re mesmerized… your hand’s moving to your cock… you can’t help but handle yourself and masturbate. And as you do, WHEN you come, you’ll begin to shrink, head to toe. Every time you come, you’ll shrink even smaller… until all of you, EVERY man in the world, is a mere insect at my feet.

You can’t control yourself. Especially not when I start stroking this mini cock in my hands and mouth, a symbol of what yours will become. I have YOUR cock in the palm of my hand. You feel every touch of mine… on yours. Every flick of my tongue and especially, as I slip it inside between my legs… You’ll watch as I come, gobbling your cock whole in my pussy, and then chewed and swallowed down my throat.

I’m talking to the women out there as well, your women. I’m going to tell them just how helpless they are to stop me as they watch you masturbate to me and shrink before their very eyes.

The end of my broadcast isn’t the last you’ll see of me. I know there’ll be a tiny army waiting for me in my own home to attempt to bring me down. No such luck. I’ll destroy EACH of you in a different, formidable manner. And I’ll just keep growing stronger…