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Knocking My Small-Dicked Cuckold Boyfriend Down to Size – Part 1


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5 July 2010

I think some changes around here are in order. My young boyfriend doesn’t seem to remember why I took him on in the first place. He’s gotten obnoxious, rowdy, all too naughty, and terribly immature. His ego needs a good bursting. And frankly, it’s time that he knows just how completely inadequate he is. That should put him in his place.

It’s time for me to get my worth out of this relationship, some real value. Things are going to get very interesting around here… he can’t claim he didn’t know what he was getting into by venturing into a relationship with an actual witch. ah haa haaaa!

First things first… I’m going to make it clear to him in a humiliating face-to-face and very one-sided discussion that I wear the pants in this relationship, exactly how inadequate he is, what he will no longer be permitted to do, just what kind of woman I am and why I’m superior to him, a full list of his personal failures, a warning that he’s going to start serving me in some very unique ways (hee hee hee), how female supremacy is the way of the future (I’ll make sure of it!), new rules for when he and I go out together, a few threats to make him hold his tongue and think twice about disobeying me, AND…. it’s time that I explain how he’s been cuckolded, unknowingly, this entire time. Mmmm… I can’t wait!