“Only wished that just this once fantasy could merge with reality.”

"Only wished that just this once fantasy could merge with reality."

Knocking My Small-Dicked Cuckold Boyfriend Down to Size – Part 4


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29 August 2010

Did you like your stay in my panties all day? Is it moist and hot down there? I bet you loved it… which means it’s time for me to extract you. You don’t deserve such rewards. Not after all the pain and anguish you have caused me for your supreme immaturity.

You know, I’ve had all day to think about it, and I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution, the perfect thing to transform you into! I’m going to make you a cute little baby boyfriend doll to add to my big dollie collection!! Aren’t you pleased? Oh, you’ll still have your own face so that I can pick you out from the rest… as I make you wet your diaper on my command! :)

Oh, maybe I’ll give you a bit of your own form back… but only with a few feet in height. You have to remember your place after all! I am the mature one!! Everyone will know it in comparing your size to mine, and if you ever cross me, I’ll drain your height and existing dignity right out of your penis with a good fuck!! Hey, where are you going?!?! You can’t hide from me!!! Where are you??? Sweetie???

Ah, there you are! You know who’s boss, but it looks like I need to remind you. Now, that I’ve hunted you down and found you out, I’m going to wrestle you to the ground and ride you until all of your essence is drained! You’re not going to like your remaining shriveled up dick and your future as I describe it to you. Oh, no, you aren’t.

But don’t worry. I won’t give you away. You’ll be mine forever and ever and ever, just like this, rocked in my arms snuggled against my breasts….