"You have a special talent for making the viewer feel small and submissive without resorting to calling us "pathetic" or "losers," which is the mainstay for so many amateur Dommes."

Jerky Boy and Naughty Nanny SAVE THE WORLD!


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27 October 2020

All sperm samples from across the globe have been checked for viability. Only ONE, from a small town in Texas, reveals sperm with actual mobility. There is hope for humanity yet.

The project advances and the DNA from an infertile sample is successfully implanted into the host living sperm—and thrives! The ONE fertile donor in all the world will be the new Adam, keeping humanity itself alive.

He must be delicately handled and utilized with maximum efficiency and dedication, a job all too important to leave to none other than Dr. Tara Tainton. She immediately prepares to travel and address this donor in person.

How did humanity reach this dire precipice? It’s the work of an evil genius, the Sperminator, who sent specialized low frequency microwaves across the planet via orbiting satellites, which rendered all men infertile. All males capable of ejaculation were asked to send semen samples to the National Institute of Fertility and Reproduction on behalf of the World Health Organization. The Institute is headed by Dr. Tara Tainton, leading scientist in the study of male fertility.