“From the number of vids I’ve seen… you’re the best in the business.”

"From the number of vids I've seen... you're the best in the business."

Introducing TT Audio Experiences


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25 February 2012

We’re broadening your horizons – and ours – at Tara Tainton studios! We’re now introducing audio experiences to accompany your video pleasures. Just like our world renowned video scenes, our new audio scenarios are each unique, tailored to the medium, and befitting of all your favorite fetish genres and fantasies.

In our stores right this moment, “Take Me With You: You Have Me ALL to Yourself Now” awaits you: our very first in-store audio offering. If you’ve been a fan of mine of for several years, you remember well my first moments at play on the microphone sharing audio snippets of my own personal pleasuring, recorded orgasms, and readings of my own original, published, erotic stories. And now, it’s time to fill out the TT Experience online catalog with full-bodied, super sultry audio downloads waiting to tickle your earlobes and soothe you with a voice you’ve come to know and love, a personality you absolutely adore, and all that genuine, impromptu play that makes our video experiences everything you’ve grown addicted to.

Think of all the possibilities… I am!! Through the audio format, I can be closer to you, speaking right in your ear, whispering next to you as you sense and feel all those naughty things I’m doing to you. You can take me with you as never before; I’m all the more portable! You don’t need a computer or screen to enjoy my audio experiences; all you need is your iPod or your mobile phone. Audio files consume less space on your hard drive and are almost more tailorable to complex scenarios and your favorite fetishes than video can be. You and I and our new experiences together… we’re limited only by our imagination!

Oh, yes, this is only the beginning! Start designing your made-for-audio fantasy scenes now, and send them straight to me by using my special request form, the same direct line you use to share all of your video scene wishes. Remember that the sky is the limit in audio… I can instruct you, tantalize you, and provoke you in any way you wish. I’m eager to hear your own ideas for every fetish genre imaginable. As for your detailed scripts filled with intricate dialogue… all the better to incorporate into your audio desires!

Think your previous video requests may translate to the audio format very well? Are you eager to hear your personal request brought to life all the sooner? My video queue is well stocked with a seriously sexy array of scenes to tempt you with in my existing filming schedule and my ever-growing catalog. My audio queue of personal requests to work from? It’s WIDE OPEN! Email away!

Imagine sneaking “me” right into your mp3 player… listening to me whenever you happen to be alone. You can listen to me – and play with me – at any moment you find yourself with some privacy: while in the shower, when you first wake in the morning, just before going to sleep at the end of a hard day, on that business trip… And you can choose to invoke your favorite muse (me!) even in public! Imagine the scenarios in which I can tempt, tease, prompt, beckon, or even humiliate, challenge, and taunt you… all while you’re at the gym, near your loved one, pretending to be on your phone with an important call, spending the holidays with the extended family, at work, or walking down the street! Oh, I’ve been devising scenarios of my own imagining already….

I wish you immense enjoyment from my very first audio offer. My voice is going to drive you crazy… and my imagination is going to keep you going for a long, long time to come. I can’t wait to hear your own desires!

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