"I bought this clip as a birthday gift to me. its the best gift i ever got myself."

Introducing My Inadequate Boyfriend to His New Cuckold Lifestyle


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12 January 2011

Our relationship has been building to this point for some time now. I’ve grown more successful and you, you’ve developed into the all encompassing loser. You can’t perform, can’t provide, and I’ve tried to indulge in your fetish for feet the entire duration of our relationship: anything at all to help you get and maintain an erection in hopes of being able to be fucked by a stiff, hard cock as I need and want. You’re such a terrible disappointment.

No use hiding it any longer or masking my true feelings. I don’t want to be harsh, but the truth is that I intend to start a sexual relationship with my male friend I’ve been telling you about. And it’s time for me to share exactly what I intend to do with him, what he can provide and you can’t, what I hope his huge cock offers, what I plan to do with it, and how sorry you have turned out to b… while I coax you into coming on my bare feet – the only way you can get hard – and introduce you to your new life as my cuckolded boyfriend.