"I'm weak in the knees! How many men are like me, fantasizing about being put across your lap for a bare bottom spanking...I'd be dreaming of all sorts of ways to misbehave!"

Keeping You Chaste Until You Agree to Let Me Fuck Other Men


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8 April 2010

Have you had enough yet? You’ve been locked up in that chastity device for a full four weeks now. Balls blue and aching? Horny cock throbbing? You’re such a horny little devil. It’s obvious that you want to be released… have you thought anymore about what we’d talked about?

Are you ready to let me have my way? I want an open relationship! I really want to fuck the hot guy I’ve been hanging out with. My entire circle of friends thinks my marriage to you is just a joke anyway. They don’t know what I see in you. I just remind them that your money makes everything worth it… well, for the most part. Have you learned your lesson yet?

I’ll release you finally if you just agree to the new arrangement. It’ll be best for both of us. You can go out and experience other women as well… well, if you could actually get laid, but I doubt that would happen. Just look at you… you’re so pathetic. And horny. Have I broken you yet? No more bribing me. A deal is a deal.

I’ll let you come finally, right here and right now… you can tug on your aching cock while I share how excited I am about discovering my new boyfriend’s bigger cock…