"I think you're amazing. I have never written anyone before until you. You just have that special something."

In Our Grief, We Reach for Each Other…


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31 May 2016

It’s the day of the funeral… he left us so suddenly. Behind my sombre, subdued presence, I barely hide the unbearable weight of my true grief. You feel it too…

I put myself to bed, only to finally collapse with the isolation I feel and succumb to my profound loss. But it’s our profound loss. You, my son, need me as much as I need you this moment.

In our desperate, shared desire to hold onto something – anything – while the world seems to be crumbling around us, our closeness and clinging turns to a greater form of intimacy. This is the total union we both seek. You want to lose yourself in me; I want to lose myself in you. It’s almost a gift from my husband… your father.

Close and clutching, we feel more than we’ve ever felt before, together or separately; we feel passion through our pain. We’re joined through action resulting in revelation. Life-giving in every sense. And we’re reborn… renewed, granted new life, filled with infinite love.

We hold each other, guiltless, blissfully happy. There is a future for us after all.