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I Belong to You… Forever and Ever


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21 February 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day.  And you, my growing-too-fast son have something special for me.  You’ve bought me a gift, and I’m as surprised as any mother would be.  You’re always so thoughtful, surprisingly wonderful and sweet, and you do seem so mature in all your seriousness.

The gift isn’t at all what I’m expecting, but I wasn’t expecting anything at all.  But you’ve put so much thought into it, into making Valentine’s Day special, for me, and what can I say??

I’m taken aback… something changes… the air, the night, my love for you.

It all begins with a gift, a token of your affection for your own mother: harmless, sweet, innocent, so natural.  And we have the most wonderful night together.

And I realize so much… about you, about me, about us… that I never have before.

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