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I Own Your Orgasms: Session 2


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3 April 2015

Ready to lose control again? Hand it over to me… NOW! Your orgasms are mine, and MINE ALONE. Your body is mine to control; your mind is mine to master. Your devotion merits the hottest, longest orgasms of your life… WHEN and IF I choose to give them to you.

Will I let you reach the end of my relentless, countless countdowns? Will I grant you climax and ejaculation or enslave you with blue balls for an indeterminate amount of time? The end of this session is completely unknown. Once you begin, you cannot choose to end it.

Remember: This is only the beginning or our countless more severe, more frustrating, more inconceivable moments together… but you know that you gave up control the moment you started reading this description. You’ve already admitted that you want to feel totally helpless and completely succumb to my whims… There’s only one, SINGLE GUARANTEE: you WILL be begging for release and you WILL be begging for your next session.

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