"I enjoy watching your charming eyes and your gorgeous smile, I also have to admit that I can't resist your ultra hot body and your playful personality."

I Own Your Orgasms: Session 4


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16 January 2018

Yes, yes, yes… you just keep coming back for more.  As if I don’t torment you enough.  As if you actually need me to tempt your cock just so you can find out how hard it can get before it causes you the true pain of ultimate frustration.  Frustrating… I can be frustrating.

Like to be teased?  I can seriously tease…  Want to be restricted by my rules?  I can give you rules you’re so tempted to break that I may just break YOU first.  Want to see what I have in store for you this time?  I’ll never run out of ways to teasingly torture you.

Will you come this time or not?  Well, that’s up to you this session.  Let’s see if you can come – on command – during the tiny little window I generously offer up to you… in a spontaneous moment you least expect.  Come or not, but only in that tiny timeframe…. or not at all today!

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