"I bought yesterday, for the first time, two clips of yours, and all i can say is, these two clips are the best clips i ever seen!"

Go Ahead and Show It to Me But I Know It’s Still Too Small


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4 February 2009

All right. What do you want now? Really, you should stop trying to impress me and asking me to look at it. You look so ridiculous when you beg. And I’ve told you a million times that you’re penis is way too small. I’ll look at it just one more time for you.

Now, unfasten your pants and pull them down around your knees so I can have a good look. Let me get closer so I can carry out a real inspection. Hmmmm. No, it still looks completely pathetic in size. Are you kidding me?? Why do you put me through this? You can’t do anything with that tiny little cock of yours.

Turn to the side then and let me have another look. Hmmm… Okay, now stroke it for me. That’s right. I want you to tug on that puny penis right in front of me and show me what you’ve got. Make it as big and long and hard as you can. I’ll let you know just what I think of it then…