“You are one of the best adult performers I’ve ever experienced.”

"You are one of the best adult performers I've ever experienced."

Your Visit to the Local Pharmacy Brings Public Humiliation


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12 March 2012

Ah, I’ve got you now… your full attention… and that of every stranger in line behind you. You’re about to be publicly humiliated. You know why? Because you NEED my services. You need those itty bitty condoms offered by some foreign specialty manufacturer I’ve never even heard of. And it’s going to take a LONG time to get the point across to me considering I didn’t even know that guys could be SO SMALL.

I still think you’re trying to pull my leg! But you have everyone in line behind you laughing. They just want their turn with the busty pharmacist behind the desk, but you’re taking up all her time with your big demands… well, SMALL demands actually. This is going to be a long, agonizing process… but I’ll get your tiny dicky those baby condoms that it requires because that’s the business that I’m in. I’m here for you to depend on after all.

But I – and all of my fellow staff members back here behind the counter – are going to be laughing about your size for MONTHS!