"Thank you for doing that thing you do,Tara Tainton... because nobody does it better. Those little extra swings you put in your walk... just those sexy little details are wonderful."

Goodnight, My Darling #4


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8 December 2020

I should’ve known… it’s Christmas Eve and my beautiful boy is having trouble sleeping!! Of course, you are… how excited you must be about Christmas Day.

Now, how are we going to help you sleep tonight – on a night like this of all nights?? I’m going to have to tell you my favorite story of all, a special CHRISTMAS story. It’s time for you to learn the true meaning of Christmas, what Christmas is really about, what makes it so special.

Now, remember that the entire idea is for you to be nice and relaxed… to get to SLEEP tonight! So, try not to get TOO excited… and if I happen to get a bit carried away, well, we’ll just consider that a very very special Christmas present.

And my… I wouldn’t have guessed you’ve got one for me as well!