"I have been watching many cei videos, but the only time I actually went through with it was while watching you. Two times actually. Only because of your fucking charm."

My Gloved Hands Will Drive You Wild


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9 August 2018

What are you doing here?  Watching me, aren’t you.  You naughty boy.  What if your mother new you were in my bedroom, hmmm?  You’re supposed to be mowing my lawn…  Have you been watching me dress for dinner?

Oh, now, don’t get all nervous just because you’re a virgin.  Oh, yes, I know it.  It’s written all over your face… and by how quick you are to get an erection.  No need to be shy… especially around your neighbor.  Just relax… let me take over.

You don’t have to do a thing.  Especially now that I know it’s my satin gloves your drawn to.  Like how they glide over my arms and up to my elbows?  Love how they shine and caress my breasts?  Do you want to feel them on your cock?  You don’t have to feel like you’re losing control… I’m the one in control…