“You are AMAZING! You know how to make a man feel special!”

"You are AMAZING! You know how to make a man feel special!"

Everything Changes When You Hand Me a Piece of Bimbo Blow Bubblegum


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15 March 2010

Oh, I know how to handle your kind. Think you know how to control everyone, think you have a handle on the situation, think no one can touch you and you can get away with doing whatever you want? Even sexual harassment in MY OFFICE of my female employees?! Oh, that’s not the case around here, mister.

I’m going to wipe that smile right off your face if I have to. I’ve been filled in on everything you’ve been up to. Every little detail is documented right here in your file, every manager’s report, every write-up, every time you’ve completely failed to do what you’ve been paid to do while working for this company. Oh, do you have a few excuses for me?

Oh, some bubblegum while I hear your silly stories and last words before I fire you? Don’t mind if I do… Thank you, but something like bubblegum isn’t going to save your ass. Of course, I’m sure you know that already… This is really tasty bubblegum. What brand is it? Bimbo Blow? Oh, PLEASE! How silly… *chew*chew*chew*

What’s that? What happened to my glasses? Well, I must not have been wearing them. Stop trying to distract me… Now, what did I call you into my office for? Oh, that’s right…

What? Oh, you like my short pleated mini skirt? Funny… I don’t remember putting that on this morning? Wait a minute… what’s happening to me??!