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Studious College Girl Falls Victim to Bimboization Right Before Your Eyes


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30 March 2010

You’ve managed to get her alone under the guise of setting up a study “group” to prep for tomorrow’s big test. You know there’s a vivacious sexual vixen hiding beneath those bulky sweaters, tacky pants, flat-soled shoes, and nerdy glasses.

Your fellow college student arrives at your place right on cue… all studious and serious and ready to get straight to the point. Thank goodness she’s willing to sip at a glass of water you hand her. Once she downs that, the evening’s really going to take on a whole new theme. The transformation will soon begin, slowly but surely, and all you have to do is act like you have no idea what’s going on or why it’s happening to her.

Just sit back, and enjoy the show. The first thing to go is your coed crush’s IQ… the last thing to go is her panties.