"I've come to you with my video request, because you're the only one who can do it the way it needs to be done."

Fantasy-Come-True: Principal Transforms into your Cheerleader Girlfriend


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21 May 2010

At last! Your high school fantasy comes true before your very eyes… So what if you’ve lived out most of your high school career as a nerdy virgin when you’re intelligence has finally paid off! You’ve managed to figure out how to alter reality… and you’ve already transformed yourself into the star player and captain of the basketball team. You’re honored, revered, and every remaining nerd in school would give their left nut to BE you. But the realization of all of your fantasies doesn’t end there.

The entire school is gathering in the auditorium, high from last night’s big win for the home team and dreading what they know the school administration is going to punish them all with. Some students were celebrating a bit too much… and no one likes to see principal Mrs. Stephanie Kessler McAndrews angry. She’s so straight and narrow, completely strict and stern, and you know her panties must always be in a twist! Of course, you don’t have to put up with anything you don’t want to anymore. You know the secret to changing it all… without anyone else even noticing the difference.

You’re sitting in the audience, surrounded by your adoring teammates, and about to witness that stuffy principal transform gradually right on stage as she grows younger in age, petite and curvy in size, and all bubbly and bouncy in nature. She’s going to become your dream girl… first into Ms. Stephanie Anne Kessler in her vibrant 20s again… and then into Steffi Kessler, head of the cheerleading team and your sweet, adoring girlfriend who only has eyes (and an amazing mouth so skilled in sucking!) just for you…

But you’ll enjoy that benefit later. Right now, the dramatic transformation is about to begin!