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Sucking Away on a Phallic Treat Makes the Stern Investigator Lose Her Wits


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22 July 2010

You don’t know what to make of her… that frumpy, bitchy woman who’s obviously high on the power and clout she believes she has. Of course, she does terrify you. That’s her job as a badge-carrying investigator for the Securities Exchange Commission. You’ve avoided this investigation for as long as you could, ignoring her personal threats and warnings, and now, she’s arrived at the bank you manage and has legal right to scrutinize your financial records and computer data.

It’s just a matter of time before she discovers your secret accounts and you already know which conclusions she’s going to immediately draw. She’s already counting on that very finding, sniffing through your own personal office to uncover that which will make her famous in her career and ruin yours. And yet… you have one secret weapon this straight-faced, no-nonsense woman who obviously spends way too much time working, hasn’t bargained for. It comes in the form of a tasty treat… something you’re going to entice her with at just the right moment when she’s at her most threatening and dedicated to ruining you and everything you’ve worked so hard for.

She won’t be able to put the treat down. Her parted mouth will be drawn to suck and suck and suck again on the phallic frozen fruity concoction in her small, feminine hand, and you’ll just be enjoying the show… listening to her last words as an intelligent professional, noting how the tables turn as she begins to forget her skill set, her job, her intentions for being in your office today, and even her own name. You’ll be happy to fill in the blanks for her, so happy to watch her transform before your eyes, listen to her excited babbling to come, and get full gratification from her girlish giggling, flirting, stripping, teasing, and gratuitous invitations as time goes on. Soon, she’ll be working for YOU and that little thing with the SEC organization will be long forgotten by both of you.