“I’m so excited for all the great stuff you’re going to make this year.”

"I'm so excited for all the great stuff you're going to make this year."

Errand Day


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19 May 2012

Oh, we’re spending the entire afternoon together! I can hardly stand it. I have so much planned for you. We’re just going to run a few errands together today. Nothing special really… hee hee hee. I want you to get in your car, start listening to my devious little voice and mind, and then I will tell you what to do next.

We’re going to do some shopping… some fantasizing… some dirty play… some naughty masturbation in public places… I’m going to make you do a thing or two to yourself that you may not have done before, and it’s going to feel REALLY good. I’m going to be right there with you… coaxing you, talking in your ear, creating an entire fantasy scenario for you, and teasing you to orgasm… and to EATING it.

I’m going to have you running all over town, following my instructions, carrying out dirty tasks, teasing yourself, and throw in some pause & play directions so that I can be right there with you, guiding you all along the way. What are you waiting for?? Come on. We have business to attend to!

* For the full effect… be prepared to go on the road with access to your vehicle and lots of time for me to direct your day!