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Dangling My Stilettos and Soaking My Feet in Sexy Sheer Pantyhose


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20 June 2009

How do you like my new very, very sheer pantyhose? Aren’t they wonderful? You can SEE everything in them! They’re so tight, tight as skin, and feel so good on my legs and feet. Look, you can even still see all the wrinkles in the soles of my feet!

I can’t wait to get off my feet and relax. And look at this hot, steamy bowl of warm water here on the floor! oooh, that’s going to feel SO good on my little bare feet! I can’t wait to dip them, dunk them, and soak them in the warm water… watch them drip all over the floor… and try to wringe my pantyhose feet dry again just by curling my toes!

Oh, it feels so good! And look how sexy my feet, toes, and soles look in my sheer wet hose… I think they need to be free. I might have to rip my feet free!

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