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My Stiletto and Stocking Dangling Habit Surfaces During the Workday


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16 June 2010

Gee, I’ve done it again! I just can’t seem to help dangling my pumps while talking absentmindedly on the phone. Here I am, waiting on my business partner yet again. I can’t believe she’s so late!

This phone conversation is going on way too long, I’m so tired, and I can’t seem to keep my shoes and stockings on! It’s SUCH a relief to let the heels of my shoes slip off, leaving my peep-toe pumps to dangle dangerously from my toes. My arches and souls feel so good when they’re finally freed! And I just love the feel of my silky stockings slipping down over my smooth legs, cooling off my skin after a long workday and falling over my feet and toes as I cross and uncross my legs. Ahhhhh…….

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