"I love your work. Very, very sexy, and there is no one else like you."

Voyeur’s View: Under Desk Stocking, Foot, and Dangling Tease


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19 March 2009

She’s busy at work, working away without a clue that you’re looking. You admire everything about her… the way she stands and walks to her desk in those thigh high stockings, the way her high heeled stiletto pumps show off her sexy tanned and shapely legs, and that tight crisp white blouse revealing her busty cleavage.

She isn’t aware that you’re watching her so closely. While she works, why not have a peek under her desk and watch every move she makes? Oooh, did you catch that upskirt view? She doesn’t even know… and now, she’s fidgeting with her stockings… oooh, one’s slipping right down her tanned thigh, over her sexy knee, and down her silky smooth calf to her shapely ankle.

And how long will she manage to subconsciously dangle that patent leather shoe before it just slips off her toes and drops to the floor? What will she do next that drives you absolutely wild??