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Sugar Baby Gets Liquored Up on Her Wedding Day Part 1


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28 June 2009

Despite that special night when I drank too much and was barely able to meet with my old Sugar Daddy for our date, I DID persuade him to propose to me! I can’t believe the big day is here already: my wedding day! In just a few hours, I’ll never have to worry about money again…

I don’t think his family approves of me just yet, but they’re coming around. His sister gave me this giant bottle of rum today as a gift! It is a celebration… I think I’ll have some now! Just one shot and no one will know the difference. But I bet a second shot will help take care of some of my nervousness. This is a BIG day! Oooh, that feels nice and warm running through my body…

I just need to put my makeup on and start getting ready… I’m taking my liquor with me! Mmmmm…. think that’s too much makeup? My vision’s getting kinda blurry. Nah, I look just as pretty as Daddy prefers me to be for him… anything for Daddy’s money! I mean, Daddy!! mmm… I’m starting to feel so warm and tingly. I can barely remember what I was nervous about! *hiccup* Eee hee hee!

I look pretty damn good in the mirror in my lingerie, if I do say so myself… Is this what you like, Daddy? Do you want to touch these tits? *hiccup* Run your hands over my flat tight stomach and down my legs? Oooh, I’m getting dizzy… and horny. *gulp*

What if I had an orgasm right there standing at the altar??! I better relieve those tingly feelings right now… *hiccup*

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