"The length of your videos is extremely helpful to making them more intimate and personal for me."

Don’t You Want to Get the Most Out of Your Therapy Session?


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2 June 2017

Then, take these pills… trust me… watch this pendulum sway… trust me… listen to my sultry voice… trust me… feel your cock urgently pressing against your own hand… trust me… and RELAX. You’re under my influence now, quickly rendered subconscious by my serious skill. Sure, we talked just a bit first about your condition: your chronic masturbation that just never seems to go away. Let’s not waste any time. You want to make the most of your expensive session, don’t you?

You’re under my control now, furiously jerking to everything I now say… I am now your new goddess, and you’re going to worship and pray to me daily. Now, that we have that clear, the real fun begins. Listen closely… this is no longer a video fantasy; this is REAL. You’ve made this purchase and are now completely at my mercy.

I know EVERYTHING about you, down to how you so strongly desire to be my sissy maid and toilet slave. Do you want me to tell everyone you know and love? No? Then, these are my conditions. Agree to them all, and I’ll release you… from the depths of your subconscious, that is. Not from my grasp and control.