“From the number of vids I’ve seen… you’re the best in the business.”

"From the number of vids I've seen... you're the best in the business."

Do What Your Dentist Instructs, and Practice Good Oral Hygiene


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30 November 2017

Now, what have we here… naughty, naughty!  You haven’t been taking very good care of your teeth.  What a disgrace!  Your condition calls for special organic therapy.  You’re going to brush your teeth with cum.  Pull out your dick… oh, my.  It’s not just your oral hygiene that needs work!  You can’t clean a dirty mouth with dirty cum from a dirty penis.

You’re going to take this strong minty toothpaste, coat your toothbrush in it, and brush, brush, brush all those nooks and crannies until your teeth are practically gleaming.  Then, you’re going to wash your mouth out with the strongest mouthwash.  Swish really well!  Now, it’s time for your jerk off instruction to fill my plastic cup with your steamy seed.  I want a quick, gooey cup of cum for you to immediately brush with!  Dip that toothbrush in your own hot cum, and brush for two minutes straight.  Don’t forget to re-dip your brush!

You’re going to need something special to rinse with… you know what to fill the cup with now.  I’m sure your bladder needs emptying after all this time in my dental chair.  Rinse and gargle thoroughly… and don’t spit!  There’s no spitting in organic therapy, only swallowing.  Now, I have special instructions for you to follow through to your next 6-month checkup.