"Tara's video's are the only ones.. that if I'm watching some other type of porn.. I feel like I'm cheating on her."

If You’re Going to Sneak into My Room to Jerk, You’re Going to Do It MY Way


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15 May 2020

I invite you over for a neighborly round of drinks, and this is what I get??!  You in MY bedroom, naked and playing with yourself, while your own wife and my boyfriend are just downstairs??!

It’s disgusting, so unneighborly, and terribly perverted… but you happen to have an impressive cock… and I can see that it seems like it might even be able to reach your mouth.  I can’t talk you into putting your pants back on, but I can convince you to finish what you started and do it MY way.

I wonder if my neighbor can touch his own dick to his own mouth… and shoot his explosive cum right down his own throat.  I’ve never seen anything so hot in my life!!