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Are You Getting Turned On with the Thought of My Sexy Friend Looking after You?


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5 March 2013

You see, I know what ALMOST happened the last time my best friend was here.  Oh, yes, she’s a bit of a tramp and you did nothing to stop her flirtations.  I don’t know what might have happened if I wasn’t here every moment to watch what happened between you two.  She’s coming to visit again and… I couldn’t have a repeat of that, especially when I have to work and can’t watch over you two.

So, I’ve been treating your food and drink for a while now, all to render you helpless, incontinent, and completely emasculated.  You see, I told my sexy friend that you had a little stroke, that the doctor said you’re all delicate now, so she wouldn’t possibly think of having sex with you.  I told her you lost control of your bowels… so that you have to wear diapers now, and you WILL.

That formula I’ve been giving you will ensure you have accident after accident.  My friend won’t possibly think of you as any sort of man again.  In fact, I’m leaving her in charge of you while I’m out to handle you as appropriate: changing you, spanking you, feeding you in your bib.  She has strict instructions and is aware of your “condition.”  There will be many, MANY embarrassing moments ahead for you… or are you actually turned on by the idea of my friend having to care for you?